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        Zaozhuang Make Machinery Co., Ltd., located at Zaozhuang city Shandong province, which is the midway between Beijing and Shanghai, closed to Qingdao port, has been focusing on manufacturing machine tools for more than 20 years. This is an integrated manufacturing company which includes design, machining, assembly, installation, commissioning and after-sales service. With a long time experience in exporting machines, we are specialized in servicing international customers, and in particular, familiar with the quality standards from different countries. This enables us to supply our customers consistent high-quality products, as well as providing excellent customer services. Zaozhuang Make Machinery Co., Ltd. is your ideal cooperative partner, with our continuing growth thr... Contact Us
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        +86 189 0632 5332 +86 18 90632 5332 info@makemachinetools.com 48103128 +86 189 0632 5332

        +86 189 0632 5332

        +86 178 6086 6228

        +86 178 6086 6228

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